Flowers are a wonderful addition to any home, part of their magic and intrigue is knowing that you can only enjoy their beauty for a little while. If you want to know how to make flowers last longer you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of our top ten tips to keep your flowers around for as long as possible.
Before we begin, the best way to make the most of your flowers is to understand what causes them to spoil. As soon as a fresh flower is cut from the plant, the stem draws air and bacteria causing blockages which stop the flower from taking up water effectively. The aim of the game in preservation is to reduce the number of bacteria your stems are exposed to and to keep the flowers as well hydrated as you can.

Clean Your Vase

It’s important to clean your vase before adding water and your flowers. Vases tend to be the perfect environment for bacteria to grow which can cause your flowers to perish a little faster than intended. We recommend cleaning your vase in warm water with a little bleach before and after you place your stems in it.

Use The Right Vase

The vase you place your flowers in will make a difference to the lifespan of the stems. The material your vase is made of can be important. Glass is always a great option and the smooth surface is easy to clean and there are fewer places for bacteria to hide. If using a ceramic vase, make sure it’s glazed and there are no worn patches or scratches which can fill your fresh water with unfriendly bacteria shortening the lifespan of your flowers.

Trim Those Stems

It’s very important to trim the stems of your flowers before placing them in your vase. By the time the flowers have reached you, the bottom of the stems is often sealed off slightly. In order to allow the stems a good drink, you will need to snip the ends with sharp scissors at an angle (for the most surface space) before placing them in water.

Top tip: If you notice your flowers starting to perish a little faster than expected, try giving them another little trim.


To keep your flowers in tip-top condition, it’s recommended that you change the water regularly, every two to three days if possible. Remove the flowers from the vase, give it a quick clean, refill with fresh cold water, trim the stems a little again and pop your flowers back in.

Keep Them Cool

Fact – cut flowers wilt and die quickly in heat or direct sunlight. Keep them in a cool dry space where you can enjoy them. No window sills in summer or mantle pieces in winter! Also be sure not to place your new bouquet next to your fruit bowl.

Give Them Space

If the vase is too small for your arrangement, the flower heads can be forced to sit together more snuggly than they would like to. This can cause the heads to wilt and die more quickly. Make sure the neck of your chosen vase is not too narrow or too wide cause the flowers to splay outwards.

Water Purification

Anything that keeps bacterial growth in your vase to a minimum is going to help keep your flowers looking their best for as long as possible. Adding water sterilisation or purification tablets, or alternatively, if you are not allergic to bleach 1/2 drops of bleach, to your flower water won’t harm flowers, and keeps bacteria growth to a minimum.

Follow The Instructions

We florists really care about what we do, it takes time to create a bouquet! We want it to last just as long as you do, which is why we spend time developing our care instructions. If you take one point from this list, make sure you follow them carefully.